Friday, 22 January 2016

The Importance Of Getting Your Sewer Checked

Many homeowners stay on top of certain maintenance tasks in their homes, such checking their heating and air conditioning systems periodically to see if they need repairs and ensuring the other appliances are working properly. There are some things, however, that often get overlooked. One of these constantly ignored tasks is having your sewer checked to see if it is backed up and in need of cleaning. If it is in need of some maintenance, further problems can occur like water damage if it is neglected.

How Does the Sewer Get Backed Up?

Although there are a variety of reasons you may experience a backup in your sewer, some of the more common causes can include a tree root, pipe scale building up or an accumulation of grease in the pipe. A clog can additionally cause sewage backups. A good way to avoid this is only flushing toilet paper down the toilet and nothing else. Not pouring grease down the drain is also helpful.

Why Maintenance Helps

Getting your sewer checked will be extremely helpful in determining if there is an issue. Even if you do not notice a clog, maintenance is still essential. It will help you avoid further problems down the line – problems that could potentially be costly. For more information about sewer repair in Encinitas, click here.

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