Monday, 18 January 2016

3 Signs Your Sewer Is Backing Up

When your sewer backs up, all of the running water in your home becomes stuck there with no way out. Left unattended, this can lead to raw sewage backing up out of your drains and causing significant property damage.

Check for the following signs of sewer line problems:

1. Multiple drains are clogged.

The clearest warning sign of a main line clog is when multiple fixtures in your home are experiencing drainage issues at the same time. Toilets and then showers are usually the first systems affected. Check for water draining slowly or gurgling back up in these locations.

2. Use of one fixture causes backing up in another.

Try flushing the toilet. If doing so causes water to come up your shower drain, this likely indicates a sewer line clog. The flushed water is not able to make it through the blockage, so it goes back up elsewhere in your home.

3. Sewer cleanout is full.

The sewer cleanout is a capped pipe usually located outside the home. Try removing the cap. If water then drains out or is standing in the pipe, this means that your sewer is backed up.

Once you have confirmed the clog, shut off the water immediately and consult a professional plumber to clear it out as soon as possible. For more information about sewer line cleaning in Apex, visit this website.

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